Sunday, October 18, 2009

Younglings of the world unite.. you have nothing to lose but your chains

The ‘young’ generation faces a ‘crisis’ every generation! And if you are thinking its something to do with our parents, then your are bang on target… I am here to talk on attending BORING adults parties by us…

WHY!?! Generations after generations we are tortured into attending parties organized by our aunts and uncles. The fact that we all have parents, we all understand that we have to do this come what may. As kids, we attend mutely, and when we grow, we have a row and then attend. The fact remains; one cannot fight the ego of a parent. “oh but its not ego, we want you to be aware of how a party is organized, and to know new people, to know what your peers are into” is the usual response .But lo! We would be parents one day and we would be attending them anyway! Big deal! Now, do our parents take us to the dance parties? Or the ball dances? The answer is NO. What is supposed to be known and not supposed to be known is also monitored. (Whoever said we are a free country/world/universe).

Since I have been through the torture myself, and here I am sure I am voicing your opinion as well, universally, the topic of discussions is always the same. Beginning with the attire(with women) going on to the kiddos results, diets, TV as a nuisance(even though most parents use it as a way to buy some time off kids) going on to the blah blah blah…And the children are just there, because …. Well, because they are supposed to be there. I feel sometimes, there is this eternal desire to “show off “their kids... how smart my kid is in so and so subject, and what he replied to the "blah" I said...and Kid, if you don’t match… there is a lecture(long one) waiting 4 u at home.

What is the point of all this? Now if our parents feel that they are giving us the opportunity to see ‘new’ things, then we all know we can prove them wrong. If its about knowing what others are doing, then we don’t care. Heck, we don’t know what we are doing!! If its showing off, then common, that can be done orkut/ facebook! Hun!! So friends… I rest my case here. Younglings of the world unite.. you have nothing to lose but your chains.. and Moms and Dads of the world, take a chill pill and let your children be!