Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It is said that the character of a person can be judged by his shoes.. after an year’s experience of visiting various villages across the country, I believe the character of a village/city can be judged by its sanitation facilities.  Sanitation across villages in India is extremely poor. We still have millions of people who do not use toilets… where the narrow lanes are filled with garbage..  and all this leading to increased diseases. This is not to say that urban India is any better… I sometimes feel urban India is worse off. We have so many educated people littering the streets and the blaming the government. It brings me back to the question that where do we stand after more than 60 years of independence… the experience which I share today, were shared by Gandhi years before…  and we still have the balls to say that we are “developing” nation…  on the verge of development, when people here are yet to work on their shitting habits. ..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

so much to do

There is so much to do and such little time.. its just been a month and I have visited a 6-7 villages across India.. it seems like a different world… a different reality..
Sometimes I felt that India was like the places I k now off.. yes ive studies.. read about illiteracy.. ive read about health issues.. subjugation women.. and so many more things… but seeing it happen in front of my own eyes… it just did not feel real..

People still believe that malaria is cured by putting egg in ears.. that its disrespectful to speak before elders..  that vaccination of infants is of no importance.. that its not important to make a girl study.. .

Most these people whom I met there do not dream.. that is what there is life is all about..  they do not want their kids to go through this.. but they feel they have no option..thats what life is for them..

Its been 60 years we’ve been independent.. our country has been through ups and downs.. .the governments time and again have come up with schemes etc..  but where has all of it gone.. why is it that people still are uneducated.. that infants still die because the mother does not know the value of nutritious diet.. why is it that in schools children are still malnourished and the family doesn’t even know about it.. why is it that I see so much scope of things to be done.. to achieve.. to work for.. and others just crib about having a country with no facilities..

Food.. education.. health.. are basics of ‘life’.. only life.. we don’t even that with us today..