Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Jungle, an addiction! Nagzira Wildlife Sanctury

Its 4.30 in the morning and we sit silently at the balcony of our log hut. We hear the dew drops fall. One of the many magical moments for me at Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary.
This thrilling property is right in the middle of the jungle! The nights here are alive with calls of different animals. The leapords are known to frequent this place in late nights. And so on the light outside the room or stepping out of the hut is prohibited.
Afternoon view from our stay place
This magnificent jungle is only 3 hours away from Nagpur. On our safaris we spot the neelgai, numerous deers and missed the leapord just by a few minutes. Our best citing was that of wild dogs eating their prey. While one dog eats, the others keep a watch around. Food is important after all, For all. Period!

The wild dog
Our first cold night at Nagzira was spent in the tents alongside the bonfire. While my friends played cards even in the wee hours of the night, I kept myself busy with the bonfire. 
Tent stay just outside the Sanctury

We clubbed Umred Sanctury too on this trip. Umred is lesser known place to tourists and therefore has a rustic charm to it. But nothing compared to the beauty of Nagzira!

This was one of the most memorable trip for me not only because of the beauty of the jungle, but the amazing people who came along. It was an excellent combination of a doctor, engineer, wildlife photographer and 2 social workers! Phew! And we had a blast!!

Watching.. from the watch tower!