Tuesday, March 23, 2010


All those who travel in buses and trains..will understand the trauma of stinky travelers…its lyk varied stinks packed in a compartment..getting into your head…… or sometimes you may have bosses.. or friends.. or cousins.. who stink.. of course.. its so natural.. but then.. no one like to stink right!!!
Sorry guyz for a stinky start.. but this blog is 4 all those stink or who know ppl who stink.. there is this stone called “Alum”… its an anti bacterial stone.. rub it up ur underarms after bath and u wouldn’t stink!! And.. and.. and.. the price varies from 7-12Buks!!!
Guyz.. it really works.. I just wonder why is it that so many of us don’t know about it at all… apparently it was used as a hair removal agent and fairness agent as well… its easily available in Chemist shops….
P.S. Trupti.. we could suggest it to Stinky Poo!!
The credit for sharing this information goes to my Nangu….. Thankuzzz….

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The luvs of my life!

My office… is lively only because of my 2 soulmates.. Nitha and Pari….
Guys!! Lemmme introduce you… Pari has been my junior in my college… and we were together in the hostel too…. And Nitha… is… our office BPO.. my life in my office would have been… aaa… well.. let me not say the truth.. I don’t want my appraisal stopped….. my lifewould have been.. like.. not as much fun!!
This blog is dedicated to the 2 loves of my life.. nangu and paru….my life without them would have been dull and boring.. of course.. their introduction
Paru is… Paru.. she is indescribable… if any such world exists… therez no one like paru and dere wudnt be any EVER.. everybody who knows her can vouch for this… Paru can say anything .. to anyone…..and very innocentky.. and she can make the other person piss in their pants too… shez our cutie pie!! Paru has this distinguished ability to crack jokes which have no meaning and which are not funny! However.. afew month sdown the line, wen u hear the same joke.. guys!!!! U wud lyk your head off!!! Paru is the biggest nautanki ever..and Nitha always falls for it….
Yep.. cuming to Nitha.. Nitha is our mumma…. I mean.. my parents are far.. but nitha around…. Therez no tension…. She doesn’t let me drink.. smoke.. go out alone…(Viralz gt a partner) she guides me… she questions me.. .. she explains me… she tells me what 2 say to my boss coz I suk at words.. shez saved my ass a 1000 times… our stepmother has failed to break us apart.. and I know she always would fail!!! Nangu is my mirror…HOWEVER…. Nitha is our BPO.. she is excellent in planning.. I mean.. in past few months that I know about her..we have made thousands plans together out of which only 1 has worked till now!!!! IMAGINEZ .. only one… and we don’t give up… we still go on.. planning.. delhi.. goa… alibaug….kerela… plan karne mein kya jaata hai…..Alka sayz… she gets scared wen we 3 r together!! Hehehehe.. coz we are shaitaan ka pitaara wen together!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA………………………………
Paru and Nangu… I luv u both soososoosoososoos much!!!! MUAH.. I DECLARE MY LOVE IN PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!! :)


I have had almost 18 years of education.. and in the past 5 years of my education I have learnt that degrees are important only to get jobs.. and you ought to learn new things again in the .. the 1st year of job becomes like a course in itself….
My present course suks bigtime…. Barring a few subjects and professors, therez nothing in it.. absolutely nothing.. .. imagine a course, where there are no discussions, arguments…there are only dictats.. and you got to believe them or be on your way…… well… in a way there is nothing new in that. Our educational system is highly undemocratic I guess! And something unique especially about this course is that most of profs are frustrated here!?!?! And have this amazing talent of transferring their frustration to the kiddos!
But.. and there is a big but (one of profs pet dialogues).. I have made amazing frends here!! Extremely talented…brainy.. practical people who could have taught us much better than the profs! And when you have profs suking your blood.. your frends are always there to cheer u up!! Having food in the class.. or going late for exams.. and not meeting the deadlines ever!! And was it not fun!!
Well… I’ll end by saying that courses r lyk dese are gud for time pass, if you gt money.. or if you need a job. I mean.. we all surely are better than d ppl teaching dere!!!
Comments ppl??!!??!!??