Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inheritance and the series

And Eragon is told that most of the battles are won by mental strength and not physical strength alone. So he learns to calm his mind to make himself stronger. He already knows hez physically fit. And is it not what we also require in our daily lives to fight our daily battles. It is said just think positive and things would fall into place. And yep.. it is so true.. Roran.. Eragon’s brother manages to defeat the a soldier without his wards, or magic... it wasn’t cheer luck.. he was driven by the fact that he had to save his wife and the unborn baby.

The book portrays Earagon and his like as very powerful, but alas, they are nothing if they are not supported by others. Earagon’s strength is his own and yet is’nt. He wins the battle but with the support of an army of lakh of men, the wisdom and power of other races, the animals…. He cannot attribute his victory to himself alone.

There are so many other things that the book speaks about…. listening and respecting others. Be it animals, or humans, or a different group altogether. It talks about growing on the wisdom old, not cling to them but share there experience for a better future. Change is inevitable, but one can make it more fruitful by drawing from there wisdom…

I was able to relate to each and every aspect of the book to my own life.. and the ones around me… I wonder… how people call it young fiction!