Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Visit to the lazy Malvan :)

I am planner through and through and that's the way I like it. Call it Sonia or a Virgo trait, but that's the way it is! And I am proud of it! My holiday begins from the journey itself, and so I like it comfortable and perfect. But my trip to Tarkarli was just the opposite. And I can't believe I enjoyed every bit of it! Our train tickets of 3AC did not get confirmed. So my journey to Kudal was in a "jugaad" seat which we got from the TC in a sleeper. The 10 hour journey was shared between me and my friend. It was hot, sticky and noisy. The crowd settled only by 2 in the night and I was too drained to think about anything but sleep.

We reached Kudal at about 11 in the morning and straightway headed to Lazy Malvan to hunt for a stay option. Yes, that's what I've decided to call this side of Maharashtra. Its a small dreamy little place perfect to take a break.

We began our 'expedition' to hunt for a stay option and stumbled upon - the Sagar Kinara which literally is next to the sea. Since we had not booked and its the "off" season (March end), we got our room pretty cheap. After a sleep for a few hours, we headed to the sea to explore the beach (which was dirty). As luck would have it, one of the scuba diving instructor approached us on this walk. We striked the deal and headed towards the golden ganesh temple. Here also, I felt God living this very slow lavish style! A beautiful place and a must visit especially during the evening arti time.

The Ganesh temple, made of Gold
We then walked to the rock garden which was absolutely stunning. The waves crash the rocks and roar about what they can do if messed with. Scary and breathtaking!

The beautiful rock garden across the Arabian

The next day, we were all set for our scuba diving. And let me tell you your trip to Tarkarli is incomplete without scuba diving. I was scared to death in the beginning. I think my guide must be cursing his stars because every time I dipped, I would tell him that I don't want to do it. But like many guides, this one was very patient with me. To encourage me, he showed me fish in the sea. And yes, that really worked. I had to go in now. The beauty of the sea cannot be described in words. The area is rich in coral, fish and sea plants. And to be able to see it and feel it was a wonderful feeling.

In the evening, we headed to the pristine Tarkarli beach. This was followed by the Tsunami Island, the Karli Sangam and Bogwe beach. Tsunami Island has lot of water sports but we preferred to enjoy the scenic beauty. The island is full of crabs which run into the sand the moment you start walking.. The place is surrounded by mango plantations, hills and other greens.

At the Tsunami Island

We let go the Dolphin safari and Nevati Beach as we were too lazy! But I've heard these are nice places too. But after the scuba dive, all that didn't matter.

The people at Malvan are very friendly. Being from northern India, they were happy to cook without coconut food for me. What I missed here was "nariyal paani". I guess, people eat rather than drink coconut! Sigh!

Boat trip to the Tsunami Island

How I "did not" plan this trip
1. We took the konkan kanya to Kudal. There are bus options also directly to Malvan or Tarkarli
2. From Kudal, we took a bus to Malvan which Rs. 30. rickshaw ride is around Rs.400-500
3. We stayed a day at Malvan and did our scuba diving, Ganesh temple and rock garden. From Sagar Kinara, we walked to all these places. Its a must walk if you want to "feel" the fish town of Malvan.
4. The following day we head to Tarkarli by an auto (Rs. 150)- enjoyed the beach. We then set off to the Tsunami Island, Karli Sangam and Bogve Beach by aboat which costed us Rs.600- we took an individual boat. It would be less if you share.
5. We returned the day after by a direct Bus from Tarkarli to attend to my work at office. Well, I am happy I am back, TO GO BACK AGAIN!!!!

View from the Tsunami Island


Shriram iyengar said...

Damn! I always wanted to go scuba diving. Good job, sonia.

ankita luharia said...

Scuba diving must be a great experience!!!....keep posting and keep blogging....this will help me to plan my future visits.:):)....

Sonia Verma said...

One of the best visits ever. Worth doing it. Planning next scuba at Andamans. Hope it works!